About us

The Lamb Family history as merchants in Australia dates back to 1829 when Captain John Lamb, Commander R.N., established the firm of Lamb and Buchanan – wool brokers and shipping agents. Douglas Lamb Wines was established in 1951 by fourth generation Douglas who studied law (formally) at Cambridge and wine (informally) in France. Many letters detailing visits to France prompted his father Tom to inquire “Which bar is Douglas studying for?”

Douglas Lamb Wines is now run by the fifth and sixth generation Lamb’s with a substantial portfolio of quality (mainly) European wines.


how we do things

Our Selection

When selecting wines we favour those from small, often family run wine producers. While this is not in itself a guarantee of quality, it does allow quality to be foremost in the minds of the producer.

Our Approach

Enjoyment is our primary goal. Wine should be enjoyed, so the last question we ask ourselves whilst judging wines critically is: ‘do I like it?’.  From here all the other ethical and technical questions are provided context. Although if we where to highlight another key factor we look for it would certainly be that our wines carry with them a sense of place.

Our Aim

We aim to remain in the ‘wine business’ rather than the ‘beverage business’. So we strive to provide unique, delicious and great value wines for all occasions.